Aaron CT Smith  is Director of the  Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Professor of Sport Business and Innovation at Loughborough University London.  He is also the founder of Sporting Cognition Ltd., a company specialising in athlete and fan cognitive performance.

Aaron was previously with Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, where he was the Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor at its College of Business and part of the RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law. Prior to RMIT he was Head of Department and Chair of Sport Management at Melbourne’s La Trobe University. Aaron has consulted extensively in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East to more than 150 clients including multi-national corporations, professional sporting clubs, national and sport associations, media companies, sport and entertainment facilities, and government. Aaron has also been personally involved in numerous technology start-ups and has more than a decade of experience in leading accelerators, incubators, and venture capital platforms.

Aaron’s academic research works at the intersection of brains and brands to explain business innovation, fan psychology, and digital engagement. On these topics, he has authored 25 books and over 100 academic articles. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) and two doctorates, the first in management, and the second in cognitive science.